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Don’t let a gap spoil your smile when a dental bridge can restore it beautifully.

Crowns / Bridges

Image of Crowns and Bridges Chart Restore or replace a tooth with high quality crowns and bridges from your San Marcos dentist.
In order to chew efficiently, you need strong teeth. If a strong tooth is slightly damaged by decay, we can restore it with a beautiful, durable metal-free filling. Early treatment is preferred because it allows us to keep the majority of the tooth intact. When extensive damage occurs or a tooth breaks, a crown may be the best choice for restoration.
A dental crown is like a cap that fits over the visible surface of a tooth. Restorative care is completed by removing all damaged tooth structure, and then smoothing down the areas around the damage. After taking impressions of the tooth, the restoration can be made in a dental lab. Until the final crown is ready for placement, a temporary will be worn.
Image of Crowns and Bridges A bridge is used to replace a missing tooth, or a few adjacent teeth. It is most often affixed to adjacent stable teeth using dental crowns. Between the crowns are one or more artificial teeth made of high quality ceramic or porcelain. A bridge can be a nice alternative to dental implants; but because implants are more conservative, this method is preferable and provides long-term results. If you require tooth replacement, we will discuss the details of your various options. The final choice in treatment is yours.
Quality materials and personal care
We are a mercury free and metal free office. At Sun Smile Dental, we expect the best for you and your family. Dr. Shah orders crowns and bridges with the finest materials, including durable ceramic, porcelain or zirconia. Metal and metal-based crowns have long been praised for strength, but there are disadvantages to metal restorations. The tooth that is covered with a metal crown cannot be fully seen with x-ray imaging, which means a problem may be hidden from view. Our quality crowns are made to endure the force of biting and chewing while looking just like natural enamel. A metal-free crown also does not obstruct our view of the natural tooth beneath.
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