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Dentist in San Marcos, CA explains what Fastbraces® treatment is for smile alignment

Beautiful girl with braces smiles in dentistry

At the practice of Dr. Robert Lin, experienced dentist in San Marcos, CA, patients have the chance to learn about the benefits of a variety of treatments available for straightening and aligning their teeth. Crooked, overcrowded, and misaligned teeth can have a negative impact on the appearance on your smile, but with modern orthodontic treatment, you can achieve the smile of your dreams faster than ever before. Many patients ask, “What is Fastbraces® treatment and is it right for me?” Our dentist explains this treatment as an alternative to more traditional orthodontia. What is Fastbraces treatment? Fastbraces is a specialized … Continue reading

Dentist in San Marcos, CA offers general dental care tips for a healthier smile

Woman having teeth examined at dentists

At Sun Smile Dental Group, we love to see you smile, and we want our patients to ensure that they take care of their smile every day, so it looks its best and stays healthy. Our dentist in San Marcos, CA offers general dental care tips for patients who are interested in keeping their smile beautiful for many years to come! How can I care for my smile? When it comes to dental care, preventative care is extremely important. In fact, patients who are more proactive about their oral health and wellness will often spend less on their smile over … Continue reading

Dentist in San Marcos, CA offers diagnosis and treatment of TMJ disorder

Drs. Robert Lin and John Murphy, also help patients who have conditions such as TMJ disorder (TMD).

At Sun Smile Dental Group, patients in and around the area of San Marcos, CA have a variety of treatment options available to them, including general, cosmetic, and restorative care. Additionally, our professionals, Drs. Robert Lin and John Murphy, also help patients who have conditions such as TMJ disorder (TMD). This is a disorder of the temporomandibular joint, or the jaw joint. We offer diagnosis and treatment of this and many other disorders of the oral cavity. Understanding TMD The TMJ, or temporomandibular joint, is the jaw joint. This bone is like a sliding hinge that is present on each … Continue reading

Straighten teeth fast, comfortably with orthodontics dental treatment in San Marcos CA

Orthodontics dental treatment in San Marcos CA at the office of Sun Smile Dental isn’t limited to one type of procedure.

Straight teeth are an important and coveted smile feature. Yet, it’s estimated that up to three of every four people have some degree of misalignment or malocclusion. Teeth may grow in sideways or tilted. Teeth may shift or move forward and crowd their neighbors over time. Adjacent teeth tend to move and fill spaces where a tooth used to be. Bone loss can also alter how teeth are positioned. Traditionally, options to correct misalignment were limited to conventional braces. Orthodontics dental treatment in San Marcos CA at the office of Sun Smile Dental isn’t limited to one type of procedure. … Continue reading

The importance of regular teeth cleaning in San Marcos, CA

Many patients only think of visiting the dentist when a problem arises, but Dr. Robert Lin and John Murphy strongly encourage patients to be proactive about prevention. Our team of professionals suggest regular teeth cleaning to those in the San Marcos, CA area.   The importance of teeth cleaning   While our patients are well-versed in the importance of brushing and flossing after every meal, it can be difficult to remove all the plaque from the surfaces of the teeth – especially in hard to reach areas. Patients should schedule regular teeth cleanings. At Sun Smile Dental Group, we provide … Continue reading

Enjoy the benefits of partnering with an office that handles every part of the dental implants process

Dr. Robert Lin at Sun Smile Dental places healthy ceramic dental implants in San Marcos CA.

Sun Smile Dental combines the best of both worlds: sunny dispositions and personalized service with digital diagnostic and computer-guided technologies. This combination of care and technology results in a predictable and low-risk tooth replacement – and a comfortable and pleasant experience along the way! Dental implants are considered an advanced and superior form of tooth replacement. The benefits of dental implants in San Marcos, CA and beyond transcend being able to eat without difficulty again or having a confident smile – and those are some significant benefits! There are additional advantages to partnering with Sun Smile Dental. Computer-aided technologies help … Continue reading

Ask about cosmetic dental services for whiter teeth and a better smile in San Marcos CA

Dr. Robert Lin dramatically improves patients appearance with cosmetic dental services

Your appearance can be improved in a multitude of ways, from makeup to skin care to invasive surgical treatments. On one end of the spectrum, store-bought products may create little to no real improvement in your appearance. On the other end of the spectrum, invasive treatments are risky and costly. But cosmetic dental services in San Marcos CA are well worth the comparatively minimal costs to dramatically improve what researchers have found to be an individual’s most coveted asset: the smile! Global research firm Kelton found 45 percent of survey respondents valued an attractive smile over an attractive figure, hair, … Continue reading

Whitening treatment in San Marcos, CA keeps your smile looking its best

Teeth whitening treatment in San Marcos, CA

If you’ve tried teeth whitening in the past and weren’t happy with the results, we’re glad you’re giving Sun Smile Dental a chance to prove this method of smile improvement works! The products you buy at the store are worlds apart from the professional treatments available at the dentist’s office. The type of ingredients used, and the concentration of those active ingredients, makes all the difference. Teeth whitening treatment in San Marcos, CA is also predictably successful and safe, due to the quality materials used and the exacting protocols to keep your mouth comfortable and healthy while you whiten. While … Continue reading

San Marcos CA patients enjoy dental implants that last with advanced in-house technologies, skill

Dr. Robert Lin uses extensive planning with accurate precision diagnostics to decrease the likelihood of early failure in the months after dental implants treatment

Dental implants treatment in San Marcos CA at Sun Smile Dental demonstrates all of the reasons patients love visiting us! Whereas other providers in and around San Diego County may refer implant placement out to specialists, our dental team has the training and tools to place implants in-house. This expertise saves you time, money, and headaches. You also remain with the dental team you’ve come to know and trust. There is peace of mind that you’ll receive the seamless care necessary for optimal outcomes (no unwelcome surprises!) from your friendly oral health partners at Sun Smile Dental. Friendly staff meets … Continue reading

Fast, discreet orthodontics straighten teeth and restore health in San Marcos, CA

Dr. Robert Lin and Sun Smile Dental Group have the latest orthodontics to straighten crooked teeth

Straightening your teeth has never been more comfortable, discreet, and fast! Thanks to advances in dental technology and techniques, options for orthodontics in San Marcos, CA transcend conventional metal wires and brackets. Dr. Robert Lin and the team at Sun Smile Dental Group offer both the brace-less approach to correcting misalignment and bite-related concerns, Invisalign, as well as a twist on conventional braces that lives up to its name: Fastbraces. Straight talk about crooked teeth Crooked teeth make you feel less confident about the look of your smile. Problems with how your upper and lower teeth fit together when you … Continue reading

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