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Get a brighter smile from our dentist in San Marcos, CA with professional whitening

Brighter Smile With Our Professional Dentist in San Marcos CA

Do you want to brighten your smile? Chances are, you’re not happy with the color of your teeth. Perhaps you’ve tried over-the-counter whitening strips and other products, but stains remain. Maybe you’re concerned about the safety of products marketed as whitening in the store or online. Protect your oral health and achieve a brighter smile with our professional whitening from our dentist in San Marcos, CA.

A smile unlike any other

Do you love a favorite celebrity’s smile? Bring their photo with you to your consultation! Dr. Lin reviews photos and discusses your preferences to determine the best approach to brighten stained or otherwise drab teeth. Generally, white teeth are associated with youth. Young patients with healthy teeth have strong, undamaged enamel. Aging thins the protective enamel covering, revealing the darker yellow dentin layer underneath. Years of smoking or drinking coffee, tea, and wine can produce stained, yellow teeth that add years to your appearance.

Modern whitening techniques can be controlled and customized to your unique goals and preferences.

Finding the right shade

Dr. Lin and Sun Smile Dental Group blend advanced technologies and products with artistry to create your desired look. Achieving your dream smile with teeth whitening includes consideration of shade. Teeth fall into four color families, which also comprise 11 different shades:

  • Red-brown
  • Red-yellow
  • Gray
  • Reddish gray

Your current tooth color used as a baseline to help determine just how much you’d like to brighten. Lightening teeth by a modest two to three shades can dramatically transform your appearance. If you desire movie star white teeth, your dentist can accomplish it with either in-office whitening (lightens by up to six shades in a single appointment) or home whitening (up to four shades lighter).

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Your customized shade or blend of shades also accounts for factors such as:

  • Skin tone
  • Eyes – the sclera or whites of your eyes shouldn’t be lighter than your teeth
  • Dental work – Do you have crowns? Bonding? Veneers? Existing restorations can’t be whitened. Dr. Lin discusses your options, which may include additional treatment as part of a smile makeover.

By trusting your teeth brightening to the professionals, be confident that whitening procedures won’t damage your oral health. All procedures involve a thorough evaluation of your teeth and gums. Decay or disease must be resolved before moving forward with safe and time-tested products and techniques. Another important consideration is the nature of your stains. Extrinsic or surface stains generally appear yellow, brown, or orange, and are often associated with tobacco use or consuming staining food and drink. Intrinsic or internal discoloration is associated with excessive, early childhood antibiotic or fluoride use, and may appear blueish or as patches lighter than the surrounding tooth.

Professional chairside or home whitening options work wonders on surface stains, but patients with very dark or intrinsic discoloration may benefit from porcelain veneers.

Veneers, the Sun Smile Dental way

Get a brighter smile from our dentist in San Marcos
Think of veneers as new and improved enamel. Instead of whitening your teeth, Dr. Lin skillfully designs and places thin strips of porcelain on each tooth’s surface. In effect, these veneers cover up very dark or stubborn discoloration that is resistant to professional whitening methods. Sun Smile Dental Group only uses high quality porcelain, because this material is unsurpassed in its ability to replicate the look, feel, and function of natural tooth structure. Porcelain is also resistant to stains and durable, so you can enjoy your beautifully brighter smile for years to come. He’ll also discuss ways to extend the life of your veneers by refraining from habits such as:

  • Chewing fingernails
  • Opening packages
  • Grinding or clenching teeth in your sleep

Tell-tale signs of night-time tooth grinding include excessive wear, chips, cracks and even non-dental symptoms like headaches, and jaw, neck, and shoulder pain. A customized mouth-guard protects teeth from damage.

While veneers are a conservative way to improve your smile, removal of a small amount of enamel is required to accommodate each veneer’s thickness, so it isn’t a reversible procedure.

Explore your options!

Chairside whitening may be preferred if you want fast results in as little as a single, 60-minute visit. Dr. Lin applies professional products with concentrated ingredients, while safeguarding surrounding delicate tissues for a treatment as safe as it is effective. If gradual results are preferred, home whitening may be recommended. You apply concentrated whitening ingredients from the comfort of home, using a tray customized to your mouth. Worn daily and as instructed by your dentist, you’ll get a brighter smile without the irritation or complications of drugstore trays.

Patients may jumpstart home whitening with the chairside option. Ask Dr. Lin and his team about how to maintain beautiful results effortlessly with Sun Smile Dental Group’s Whitening for Life program.

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