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Little patients are off to a great start with a children’s dentist in San Marcos, CA

Children’s Dentistry in San Marcos, CA

Sun Smile Dental Group understands kids aren’t just little adults. The team combines a friendly demeanor with techniques and products customized to the needs of the littlest mouths. This healthy combination encourages habits necessary for lifelong oral health. As your children’s dentist in San Marcos, CA, Sun Smile Dental Group generally recommends the first visit take place at about 2 years old.
The team welcomes your questions even before the get-to-know-you visit. For example, they provide guidance on how to clean baby’s mouth. Even when teeth aren’t there, it’s still important to use a soft, moistened cloth to clean the gums. Baby teeth may be temporary, but they’re place-holders that guide adult teeth into proper position. Until your child is old enough to effectively brush and floss, it’s important to help them with this task.

More than learned habits

Ideally, expectant mothers will be visiting Sun Smile Dental Group for recall appointments. Pregnant women are at increased risk of developing gum disease due to hormonal changes. The dental team monitors early signs of problems for your health and the health of your unborn child, because researchers have found a link between advanced gum disease among pregnant women and increased risk of preterm or low birth-weight babies.
During the initial visit, your family’s partners in oral health will discuss home care and habits that promote or inhibit the development of conditions like early childhood caries or early tooth loss. Commonly, early damage is caused by:

  • Excessive or prolonged use of pacifiers
  • Thumb-sucking,
  • Consumption of sugary liquids at bedtime

The dentist assesses the teeth and takes X-rays to identify potential signs of trouble. After your child turns 6, annual visits will turn into 6-month visits. For a bright outlook on your child’s oral health, call Sun Smile Dental Group today at (760) 744-1300.


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