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Enjoy a stunning smile with cosmetic dental care in San Marcos, CA

for beautiful smile cosmetic dental care services from dentist in san marcos, calif

Many of the most popular cosmetic dental services have something in common: the pursuit of a whiter, stain-free smile. It’s no surprise cosmetic dental care in San Marcos, CA at the office of Sun Smile Dental Group focuses on removing stains through bleaching, or covering permanent discoloration with veneers.
AARP reports most Americans who pay for professional bleaching are boomers. This isn’t surprising, as whiter teeth are associated with a vibrant, youthful appearance.
It’s also true that the white, protective outer enamel layer of your teeth erodes over time. As enamel erosion occurs, it reveals the naturally yellow dentin layer underneath. Your teeth may look “older than your years” if you don’t adequately clean teeth, or due to stain-makers like tobacco, coffee, and berries. If it stains your shirt or hands, it can stain your teeth!
Sun Smile Dental Group’s methods are distinguished by:

  •   Both in-office and home whiteningoptions to suit every lifestyle, goal, budget, and need.
  •   Budget-friendly Whitening for Lifeto sustain the beautiful results from either home or chairside treatment. Program enrollees get a complimentary supply of whitening gel at every 6-month recall appointment.
  •   Dramatic results, with up to a six shades whiter smile with in-office bleaching, and up to four shades with home treatment.
  •   Veneers cover stubborn stains. We only use quality dental porcelain, valued for its lifelike appearance, stain-resistance, and durability.
  •   Temporary veneersmean you never go without improved teeth, and protect teeth that have been prepared for permanent veneers. They give you a chance to “try on” your new look and see how much you like it, before final veneers are ordered from the lab.

Veneers have the added benefit of resizing or reshaping teeth, or even closing gaps between them, as well as camouflaging discoloration. What option is best for you? Call (760) 744-1300.
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