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Think beyond whitening: Cosmetic dentistry procedures in CA include advanced dentures for lasting beauty

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures in CA

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures in CA at Sun Smile Dental Group transcend teeth whitening and porcelain veneers. Restorative treatment is also cosmetic treatment at our exacting and friendly office. Dentures for Beauty look no different than healthy, natural teeth and, due to their fit and advanced design, retain youthful facial contours and features. Think of it as a facelift, only without going under the knife, and without the unpredictable results.

These aren’t your grandparents’ dentures!

Regardless of if you opt for conventional or implant-supported dentures systems, your new teeth and gums will look like the teeth you grew into but may have lost due to decay or other trauma. How can this be?

  •   Our team only uses metal-free materials
  •   Today’s flexible acrylic-based dentures fit like a dream and don’t look fake — a far cry from rigid plastic dentures
  •   We work with a reputable lab to create lifelike restorations, so only the dentist knows the difference!


Sun Smile Dental Group’s implant-supported dentures are designed much like natural teeth. Implants placed in the jawbone and act like new tooth roots to hold your teeth in place. The resulting stability means no embarrassing slippage, superior comfort, and utmost chewing and biting efficiency.


The surprising cosmetic effects of implants

As important as chewing food may be, teeth do a lot more than that! Every time you use your teeth for functions like biting and grinding, you keep underlying supportive bone strong. When bone doesn’t get stimulation from teeth due to the likes of poorly-fitting, removable dentures, it weakens and loses both density and height. Bone loss worsens eating- and speech-related difficulties, and affects the appearance of your face. After all, strong bone supports facial tissues. Weak bone lets tissues “fall.” The lower portion of your face may appear to “collapse,” aging you beyond your years. Since implants are placed in the jawbone like natural roots, bone loss is prevented or halted.


Call (760) 744-1300. Ask about “immediate dentures” cosmetic benefits, too!
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