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General dental care center in CA sheds light on the conservative, gentle oral services difference

Dental Care Center in CA

From tooth cleanings to fillings, some dental services in and around San Marcos are “standard.” But your Dental Care Center in CA, Sun Smile Dental Group, goes above and beyond the ordinary with General Oral Services delivered by professionals with a pleasant demeanor, in a comfortable environment, using the safest proven techniques and materials.

What is “gentle” dentistry?

All dentistry should be gentle. But not every dental office uses conservative techniques and non-invasive technologies that allow for comfortable, risk-free procedures. Tools like lasers complement our friendly staff and home-like atmosphere.

Recall appointments are at the heart of oral health. When you’re comfortable, dental visits aren’t a source of fear. You may look forward to catching up with familiar faces!

Lasers eliminate prominent sources of dental fear that keep patients away from the care they need to stay healthy: the sound of the drill, the sensation of needles and numbing medications, and ensuing discomfort. You won’t find these anxiety-producers at Sun Smile Dental Group!

Laser dentistry treatments are:

  •   Well-tolerated
  •   No shots required!
  •   Drill-free


Lasers further minimize bleeding and promote speedy healing. As a “digital office,” technologies like intra-oral cameras and digital X-rays reduce the need need for dental instruments to be in your mouth frequently or for longer periods of time. This creates a more pleasant and comfortable experience in the treatment chair. These advanced diagnostics also create very precise images of your mouth, which aid in the development of an effective treatment plan.

The practice offers conservative alternatives to treatments such as full-coverage crowns. Inlays and onlays restore the appearance and function of your teeth, while retaining maximum natural tooth structure. Other reasons to smile:

  •   Calming nitrous oxide
  •   Metal-free materials, including ceramic implants
  •   Root canal therapy administered by a specialist


Sun Smile Dental Group is proud to empower patients with information they can trust and that helps to prevent costly, traumatic, and time-consuming restorative treatments. Experience this for yourself. Call (760) 744-1300 to schedule a visit.
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