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San Marcos CA patients enjoy dental implants that last with advanced in-house technologies, skill

Dr. Robert Lin uses extensive planning with accurate precision diagnostics to decrease the likelihood of early failure in the months after dental implants treatment

Dental implants treatment in San Marcos CA at Sun Smile Dental demonstrates all of the reasons patients love visiting us! Whereas other providers in and around San Diego County may refer implant placement out to specialists, our dental team has the training and tools to place implants in-house. This expertise saves you time, money, and headaches. You also remain with the dental team you’ve come to know and trust. There is peace of mind that you’ll receive the seamless care necessary for optimal outcomes (no unwelcome surprises!) from your friendly oral health partners at Sun Smile Dental.

Friendly staff meets advanced tech

Scientific publications such as Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research and Clinical Oral Implants Research have reported 5-year survival rates that range between 93 to 98 percent, so the procedure itself is very safe and has a predictably high level of satisfaction. Many patients will enjoy their implant-retained teeth for decades, if not their entire lives.

Sun Smile Dental also helps assure your treatment is problem-free and your experience is stress-free

Early failure is characterized by implants that fail to become solidly embedded within the jawbone, a situation that usually arise three to four months after the implant is placed. Late failure affects formerly healthy and functioning integrated implants that experience bone loss, generally one to 10 years after they are placed.

A surgery that is performed correctly helps to decrease the odds of early implant failures or problems with the implant integrating to bone. Our dental team combines extensive implantology training and clinical experience with the latest technologies to aid in treatment planning. Digital and Panorex imaging render very clear and precise pictures of your mouth, which are used to help your dentist accurately pinpoint exactly where to place each implant in your jaw. Accurate diagnostics and computer-guided surgical techniques help to avoid the many causes of early implant failure or complications with the implant joining to bone, including:

  • Implant instability – A basic foundation for implant success, stability or a lack of movement during the healing phase helps to assure it properly integrates to surrounding bone.
  • Lack of adequate bone volume – If implants are placed on sites that don’t have enough bone to support them, integration won’t be able to occur.

Assessing the amount of available bone on a patient-by-patient basis is a must. Just because you don’t have enough bone to begin with, doesn’t mean you are precluded from the dental implants procedure. Bone grafting expertise is available in-house at Sun Smile Dental to build up the hard tissues required for successful treatment. The dental team can handle even more complex or challenging cases, such as bone loss in the upper jaw or when sinuses are located too near the jaw. A sinus lift or augmentation adds bone to the upper jaw near your back teeth, which generally has less bone than the lower jaw.

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Positioning your smile for lasting beauty, long-term health

Late implant failures are often due to poor oral hygiene or habits like clenching and grinding teeth. Education is a foundation of Sun Smile Dental’s approach to patient care. We will assess any risk factors and address them during the consultation or planning phase. We also encourage patients to brush and floss teeth and to keep recommended checkups and professional cleanings. Dental implant-supported crowns and dentures are designed like natural teeth, so they also require the same type of care. No special tools or techniques are necessary to keep the implant free of conditions such as peri-implantitis, progressive gum disease-like inflammation that can develop around the implant and threaten its integrity.

Implants can also fail at a late stage due to their being “under-engineered,” another complication that is avoided by partnering with skilled and experienced providers like Sun Smile Dental. Today’s advanced systems allow minimal implants to support a maximum number of teeth, which helps to reduce costs, treatment time, and healing. If too few implants support the teeth, however, it places excessive stress on each implant and can result in failures over time. Sun Smile Dental doesn’t suggest treatments you don’t need but recommends optimal conservative treatment in the best interest of your long-term health and wellbeing.

Dental implants treatment in San Marcos CA at Sun Smile Dental demonstrates

Sun Smile Dental also helps assure your treatment is problem-free and your experience is stress-free with:

  • “Tissue-friendly” ceramic Zirconium implants, an alternative to titanium metal
  • Gentle and safe digital X-rays and laser technologies
  • “Tooth in a day” – immediate temporary restorations so you never leave the office without teeth!
  • Calming nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation

We also deliver all these services from a location that feels less like an office and more like home, complete with amenities like music, TVs, a soothing fish tank, refreshments, a family lounge, and ample convenient parking. Call (760) 744-1300  to schedule your visit.


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