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General dental services combine with an uncommon approach to preventive oral health care in San Marcos CA

Dr. Lin and his team offer gentle and advanced approaches to general dental services and preventive oral health care in San Marcos CA.

Good hygiene and home care is necessary for oral health. But even the most diligent brushers and flossers can use a little help from the friendly, professional team at Sun Smile Dental Group. We don’t want to give you any excuses to stop visiting us! From lots of free parking to refreshments and a family lounge, no stone was left unturned when designing a pleasant, comfortable, and convenient office. The team brings an uncommon level of care to general dental services in San Marcos CA. This out-of-the-ordinary approach leads to effective preventive oral health care, which helps you avoid the need for intensive, time-consuming, and more expensive restorative treatments.

Regular check-ups

No discussion about general dentistry is complete without the ongoing “recall” visits. For many patients, these appointments are scheduled at six-month intervals. Depending on your needs and risk factors, you may need to visit Sun Smile Dental Group more frequently for exams. During these appointments, we’ll evaluate the health of your teeth and gums and conduct oral cancer screenings that check for abnormalities under the jaw and neck, and inside your mouth. Conventional screening is also complemented by technology like ViziLite, an imaging device that painlessly and quickly spots changes to the mucous membranes that line the mouth and throat.

The absence of symptoms like bleeding when you brush, or puffy, tender gums isn’t a guarantee that your mouth is healthy. Gum disease, especially in its initial stages, is often asymptomatic. Only your dentist will know for sure if there is a problem. Early diagnosis means early and, generally, more conservative treatment.

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The importance of professional cleaning

There is no replicating the minty-fresh clean that you get at the dentist’s office! Cleanings performed by Sun Smile Dental Group’s skilled and experienced hygienists don’t just feel nice and refreshing; specialized instruments in the hands of professionals that know how to properly and effectively use them remove hardened plaque. A combination of harmful mouth bacteria and sugars in food and drink give rise to plaque. If this sticky substance isn’t removed, it hardens into tartar or calculus. Destructive tartar can’t be removed with a brush and floss alone.

Sun Smile Dental Group also appreciates that our patients care about their oral health. But brushing and flossing isn’t sufficient. Technique makes all the difference. The dental team uses these appointments as an opportunity to discuss home care with you. During these conversations, areas for improvement may become known; for instance, you may be rushing your brushing. If you’re not brushing for at least two minutes every time, there is room for improvement! Do you brush your tongue? The roof of your mouth? If not, you’re leaving behind bacteria that love moist, dark areas. These bacteria promote bad breath, decay, and disease. Your dentist may also suggest products like interdental brushes to better clean around teeth and restorations such as bridges that tend to trap food or restorations like bridges, or fluoride treatments.

Are you an aggressive flosser? Dentists can tell! Flossing in this manner can be more harmful than helpful and may damage delicate gum tissue. Model your flossing behavior after the Sun Smile Dental Group team! Our dentists and hygienists alike use a very light, gentle hand. Overall, this approach minimizes post-treatment soreness and other unwanted side effects. It’s also a lot more pleasant!

Sun Smile Dental Group also appreciates that our patients care about their oral health.

The lifelong journey of total health

It’s estimated that 126 million Americans don’t have dental coverage. Those without dental insurance are more likely to have missing teeth and untreated gum disease. Moreover, these individuals are more likely to suffer from serious medical conditions than their insured counterparts:

  • 67 percent more likely to develop heart disease
  • 50 percent greater likelihood of having osteoporosis
  • 29 percent more likely to be diabetic

The mouth isn’t an island unto itself. The same types of bacteria and inflammation present in advanced gum disease are also found in conditions like cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and COPD. Just as obesity or smoking are risk factors for some of these diseases, periodontitis is also a known factor. Preventing or quickly managing gum disease protects against conditions that threaten the beauty of your smile, as well as your overall health and well-being. Call (760) 744-1300  to schedule your appointment at Sun Smile Dental Group.


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