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Dental care services for every aspect and stage of your life in San Marcos CA

Dental care services for all ages from dentist in San Marcos, Calif

From negative past experiences, to time, to budget concerns, there are many reasons people give when they haven’t visited the dentist like they should have. As you consider dental care services in San Marcos CA, the team at Sun Smile Dental Group wants to give you and your loved ones every reason to come back.

Our office stands out from the 980-some other dentists in the San Marcos area with:

  •   A positive environment that lives up to our name – personalized care with a smile!
  •   Gentle techniques like nonsurgical PerioProtect gum disease treatment and laser dentistry
  •   Sedation to ease anxiety
  •   Low-radiation, precision digital X-rays like Panorex
  •   Extensive in-office capabilities such as dental implants placement
  •   Emphasis on education and tools to preventdental decay and disease
  •   Accessibility! Connect via the “virtual appointment” sidebar on this website
  •   Flexible and no-interest financing and other payment options, which bring down financial barriers to the long-term beauty and health of your smile


A note on prevention

Everyone deserves an attractive and healthy smile, regardless of age and budget. Sometimes, preventive products and treatments are associated only with children. While Sun Smile Dental Group encourages fluoride and sealants among pediatric patients, many adults may also be candidates for such decay-fighters. For example, fluoride can be particularly helpful for older patients with dry mouth caused by conditions like Sjögren’s syndrome, or by the medications used to treat conditions that have dry mouth as a side effect. Flouride varnish may also be used to protect your teeth’s roots, for instance, especially if you’ve developed gum recession over time.

Sealants, too, can prevent food and plaque from gathering in the pits and fissures on your back teeth just as they do with pediatric patients. A little prevention upfront can save a lot of pain, expense, and time in the future.

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