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Convenient implant dentures in CA are indistinguishable from natural teeth

Anatomy of healthy teeth and dental implant in jaw bone.

Implant dentures in CA restore more than your teeth. Patients enjoy an improved outlook and renewed confidence. Since healthy teeth are so vital to everyday functions, stable dentures improve many aspects of your life.

Sun Smile Dental Group makes it easy

While many dental practices in Greater San Diego refer the placement of dental implants to specialists, Sun Smile Dental Group is trained and experienced in placing them. You don’t have to go to a periodontist or implantologist to get complex dental work. You can enjoy the quality treatment you’ve come to expect with the added convenience and comfort of every step of the process being under one roof.

The dental team stands out from other practices in the area with:

    • Attractive, tissue-friendly metal-free implants
    • The All-on-4 system, which uses minimum implants to support maximum teeth
    • Computer-guided technology for precision implant placement
    • Immediate dentures so you never have to go without teeth
    • Flexible resin or acrylic-based dentures for a natural, comfortable feel and texture

Don’t wait to look and feel better

Enjoy the benefits of dental implants sooner rather than later. The destructive effects of tooth loss are progressive. When a tooth is lost, the supportive alveolar bone shrinks. The action and pressure of chewing and biting keeps underlying bone strong. In one year after tooth loss, bone width decreases by 25 percent. Bone height and density suffer in the following few years. Facial shape and symmetry change, and bone loss also affects speaking and eating, implants help avoid this.

Call (760) 744-1300 to schedule an appointment. The dental team will explain how implants provide a solid foundation for your new dentures, resulting in teeth that looks and feel natural. Sun Smile Dental Group can also build up bone if you’ve had resorption, and to ensure the success of the procedure.

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