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Fast, discreet orthodontics straighten teeth and restore health in San Marcos, CA

Dr. Robert Lin and Sun Smile Dental Group have the latest orthodontics to straighten crooked teeth

Straightening your teeth has never been more comfortable, discreet, and fast! Thanks to advances in dental technology and techniques, options for orthodontics in San Marcos, CA transcend conventional metal wires and brackets. Dr. Robert Lin and the team at Sun Smile Dental Group offer both the brace-less approach to correcting misalignment and bite-related concerns, Invisalign, as well as a twist on conventional braces that lives up to its name: Fastbraces.

Straight talk about crooked teeth

Crooked teeth make you feel less confident about the look of your smile. Problems with how your upper and lower teeth fit together when you bite down also place stress on teeth, resulting in excessive wear. Suffer from headaches, and facial and neck pain? If the joint that connects the jawbone to the skull is chronically stressed due to an imbalance in your bite or malocclusion, it places a great deal of pressure on the system of bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. You may have discomfort or problems chewing, and issues with properly opening and closing your mouth. These issues cause a cascade of other problems by affecting nutrition, quality of sleep, and overall wellbeing. In fact, the stress of a poor bite is one of four top reasons people run into oral health-related complications.

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Teeth that don’t fit together well pose challenges to your ability to maintain good oral health. Overlapping, crowded, and unevenly-spaced teeth are much harder to clean than those that are evenly-spaced and aligned. Food tends to get trapped in tight spaces. This is a problematic situation, because good oral hygiene is so important to prevent an environment that breeds tooth decay and the bacteria responsible for progressive gum disease – the major cause of tooth loss.

Traditional approaches to straightening teeth, such as conventional wires and brackets, also pose challenges to keeping teeth clean during treatment. It’s generally difficult to thoroughly clean between and around braces fixed to your teeth. Modern orthodontics options are designed for easier brushing, flossing, and generally a more pleasant and comfortable treatment experience.


Dr. Robert Lin and the team at Sun Smile Dental Group offer both the brace-less approach to correcting misalignment and bite-related concerns,

What’s in a name? Invisalign combines invisible and align, which is an apt way to describe the clear aligner trays that are worn to gradually shift teeth into their proper positions. Unlike braces that are fixed to your teeth and can only be removed by your dentist, Invisalign aligners can be removed by you for effective cleaning and comfortable eating. Aligners must be worn as directed by Dr. Lin, though, to assure teeth get straightened efficiently and your treatment remains on schedule. What does it mean to wear Invisalign as directed?

  • Only remove the aligner trays during meals and for brushing and flossing
  • It’s generally recommended that aligners be worn for at least 20 to 22 hours each day.
  • Over the course of treatment, a series of aligner trays are worn. Every two weeks, you’ll change to the tray that corresponds with the next step in your treatment.
  • Specialized retainers help to keep your treated teeth beautifully straight by preventing shifting.


Aligner trays are made from a smooth, safe BPA-free plastic. They don’t rub against or irritate delicate gum tissues. Sun Smile Dental Group’s patients also appreciate that they can see how their teeth will look at every stage of treatment, thanks to 3-Dimensional modeling software. You’ll see your gradually improved and fully-treated smile before the first aligner is even fabricated to your mouth’s specifications!


Few practices in San Marcos CA have the ability to effectively and safely straighten your teeth in as little as 120 days.

Few practices in San Marcos CA have the ability to effectively and safely straighten your teeth in as little as 120 days. Fastbraces work as their name promises by using a unique design that moves both the tops and roots of your teeth at the same time. While Fastbraces may look similar to conventional braces and use similar principles, traditional orthodontic options move the tops and roots of the teeth in separate steps. Since these steps aren’t combined, you may need to wear braces for two to three years, or longer. That’s a substantial time commitment, especially for the busy parent or professional. Like Invisalign, Fastbraces are barely noticeable. You may opt for clear brackets.

To find out more about all that advanced dentistry has to offer to improve your smile and health, contact Sun Smile Dental Group.


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