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If you are seeking an emergency dentist near me in San Marcos – visit us!

Emergency Dental Solutions from Dr. Robert Lin

There are almost 1,000 general dentists to choose from in San Diego County. Not every office provides scheduling designed around the patient’s needs. The “worst” tends to arise at odd hours, so it’s always good to have a plan. It’s important to ask yourself, “What emergency dentist is near me in San Marcos CA?”   Keep the Sun Smile Dental Group number handy. The dental team takes pride in seeing patients within two hours of urgent calls. Whenever possible, same-day requests are accommodated.   If it’s an emergency to you or a family member, it’s an emergency to the Sun … Continue reading

Dental implants are affordable in San Marcos with payment options

Affordable Dental Implants in San Marcos from Dr Robert Lin

Affordable dental implants in San Marcos CA are available at Sun Smile Dental Group, which offers many payment options and approaches to further reduce financial barriers. Longevity On average, conventional dental bridges last about 10 years before they need to be replaced. Conventional dentures may need to be relined or replaced after 5 to 10 years. Bridges and dentures supported by dental implants can last a lifetime with good oral hygiene. The difference is in the design. The implant is placed in the underlying bone. Since the implant is made from a material that fuses with bone, it effectively becomes … Continue reading

San Marcos, CA general dentist explains preventive and restorative approaches

Dentist Explains Preventive and Restorative Approaches

As a San Marcos, CA general dentist, Sun Smile Dental Group offers comprehensive services to meet the needs of patients across the age and oral health spectrum, but the quality of care is anything but ordinary. Keeping Your Brilliant Smile Professionals, technologies, and techniques come together to create an office you’ll want to return to. Digital X-rays add to a pleasant experience because they comfortable, and emit significantly less radiation than traditional machines. Designed with comfort in mind, the lobby is more home-like than a sterile medical environment, complete with TV, refreshments, and a fish tank. A separate lounge allows … Continue reading

Little patients are off to a great start with a children’s dentist in San Marcos, CA

Children’s Dentistry in San Marcos, CA

Sun Smile Dental Group understands kids aren’t just little adults. The team combines a friendly demeanor with techniques and products customized to the needs of the littlest mouths. This healthy combination encourages habits necessary for lifelong oral health. As your children’s dentist in San Marcos, CA, Sun Smile Dental Group generally recommends the first visit take place at about 2 years old.   The team welcomes your questions even before the get-to-know-you visit. For example, they provide guidance on how to clean baby’s mouth. Even when teeth aren’t there, it’s still important to use a soft, moistened cloth to clean … Continue reading

TMJ Disorder

Young woman with a Jaw pain caused by tmj

When patients are experiencing symptoms such as tooth sensitivity, jaw pain, clicking, or increased ear infections, they may be dealing with TMJ disorder. Patients in the San Marcos area who have TMJ disorder can get a proper diagnosis from their dentist at Sun Smile Dental Group. The condition affects many Americans but can be treated appropriately once properly diagnosed. What is TMJ disorder? TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint. This is the jaw joint that allows the mouth to open and close. When it is dysfunctional, it is called TMJ disorder. TMJ disorder can be diagnosed by a dentist when patients … Continue reading


Smiling senior woman

The loss of natural teeth can be devastating. However, it is important for patients to understand that there are several ways to repair the smile. One of those methods, often chosen by patients in the San Marcos area is dentures. What are dentures? Dentures are metal-free restorations that are made to replace one or more teeth. They may be partial or full, and are resin, acrylic, or flex-based depending on the needs of the patient. By creating the right texture, the dentist at Sun Smile Dental Group can ensure optimum fit and function, creating the most comfortable, natural-looking denture available. … Continue reading

Partial dentures made from advanced flexible materials in San Marcos CA are indistinguishable from natural teeth

Flexible Partial Dentures San Marcos CA from Dr Robert Lin

Dentures have advanced to the point the Sun Smile Dental Group is proud to use them to replace some, many, or all teeth. If you still have some teeth, a flexible partial denture in San Marcos CA is a comfortable, lasting way to restore your appearance, chewing, speaking, and confidence. Not your grandparent’s dentures   Flexible partial dentures may be fixed or removed, and can be a temporary or permanent solution to tooth loss. Conventional partial dentures are typically attached and stabilized to remaining teeth with metal clasps. The Sun Smile Dental Group team’s use of metal components is minimal, … Continue reading

San Marcos CA tooth implant procedure patients have a reason to smile

Tooth implant procedure San Marcos CA from Dr. Robert Lin

Dental implants have never been more popular. Missing a single tooth or many teeth? Implants designed to replace the tooth’s root offer the ultimate in form meets function. The tooth implant procedure in San Marcos CA at Sun Smile Dental Group stands out as pleasant, comfortable, and convenient, due to onsite capabilities and technologies. All you need for tooth replacement in one place   Most dental practices depend on specialists to place implants. These dentists can only offer so much care before referring you to an oral surgeon to place the implant in the jawbone. As a Sun Smile Dental … Continue reading

Cosmetic dental surgery in San Marcos, CA can give patients back their smile

Cosmetic Dental Surgery from Dr. Robert N. Lin, Sun Smile Dental

Losing a tooth as an adult is not exciting like it is for children. Instead of being a milestone, it becomes a flaw in your smile. Many adults deal with tooth loss, whether from disease or trauma. When faced with cosmetic dental restoration, patients have choices. Crowns, bridges, dentures, and dental implants are all viable options for patients wishing to restore functionality and the appearance of their smiles. For those who want the option that most closely functions and looks like natural teeth, we recommend dental implants. Dental implants involve a cosmetic dental surgery that replaces the missing tooth root. … Continue reading

Reasons you may need crowns from a gentle family dentistry in San Marcos, CA

Gentle Family Dentistry from Dr. Robert N. Lin, Sun Smile Dental

At Sun Smile Dental Group, we understand that there are many different instances in which our patients may need dental crowns to restore their teeth. By visiting us in our San Marcos, CA practice, we can determine if they are the appropriate restoration to improve the appearance and functionality of your mouth. A dental crown is a porcelain cap that is placed over a natural tooth. They are bonded in place to improve aesthetics, form, and functionality as well as protect the tooth from further damage. Patients may need a crown in the following situations: Decay Plaque is a clear, … Continue reading

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