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Whitening teeth with the help of San Marcos, CA area dentist

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Patients who want a whiter, brighter smile are welcome to contact Sun Smile Dental Group in San Marcos, CA to learn about our teeth whitening services. Instead of using take-home kits from the drugstore that provide subpar results, we encourage patients to consider the advantages of professional-grade products from the dentist.

Take-Home Whitening

While we do offer take-home whitening kits, they are far more concentrated and much stronger than anything available over-the-counter. These whitening kits have custom trays. The trays are made using impressions of the smile to ensure precision fit and function. Our take-home kit allows patients to use their whitening products daily for gradual enhancement of the smile.

In-Office Power Bleaching

Instead of waiting several weeks for a brighter smile, some patients choose our in-office power bleaching. In-office teeth whitening allows for patients to brighten their smiles in just one visit and a few hours of their time. The results from in-office whitening cannot be obtained as quickly any other way. Many patients experience a brightening of eight shades with in-office whitening.

Whitening for Life

Another option is our Whitening for Life program. When patients maintain their regular dental examinations and cleanings, they can take home a whitening kit and obtain whitening gel each time they have their checkups. This encourages good oral health habits while keeping the smile beautiful!

Schedule a visit today

Contact Dr. Robert Lin and John Murphy of Sun Smile Dental Group in San Marcos, CA today to learn more about the benefits of whitening the teeth. Patients have a choice as to how to pursue the brilliant, beautiful smile they’ve always wanted. Call us today at (760) 744-1300 to speak to a professional and discuss the advantages of professional whitening. Our practice is conveniently located at 1582 West San Marcos Boulevard, Suite 201.

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