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Wondering “Is Cosmetic Dentistry Worth It?” San Marcos patients get an immediate boost and surprising results

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Haircuts and tailored clothes are confidence-boosters. But, styles come and go, and favorite garments can’t be worn all the time. A new and improved smile is appropriate everywhere, anytime, and never goes out-of-season or style. Your San Marcos Cosmetic Dentistry professionals at Sun Smile Dental Group are your answer to improvements that get instant rewards and surprising long-term benefits. They’re also your resource to provide answers you can trust to the question of: “Is Cosmetic Dentistry Worth It?”

Science confirms cosmetic dentistry is a great investment!

Several surveys have confirmed what many of us already suspected: Those with flawed teeth are perceived as less attractive than those with straight, white, and aesthetically-pleasing teeth. Since attractiveness is associated with a range of other attributes, from trustworthiness to intelligence, we can’t underestimate the power of a beautiful smile.

In fact, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry reported almost half of respondents it surveyed said a smile makes the biggest first impression. Far fewer people remember a person’s clothes, their scent, or even features like spider veins and under-eye circles. Beyond that, the AACD notes people were more likely to remember the appearance of your teeth than what you said!

What message are you conveying with your teeth, without saying a word?

Replace damaged enamel, Sun Smile Dental GroupLet the professionals at Sun Smile Dental Group ensure the appearance of your teeth match your intelligence, warm personality, and other characteristics that shine! We can do that with many procedures tailored to your specific goals and needs. We’re very aware that some patients love a little gap. It’s a part of their character! Whereas, others may have only recently noticed a slight gap and want it completely closed. Likewise, not every patient desires a megawatt, Hollywood-style white smile. Some patients may desire a more dramatic transformation than others. Our products and techniques are versatile. There is sure to be an approach that suits your preferences and lifestyle. Sun Smile Dental Group also encourages you bring photos of smiles that you like, so our team accounts for these features when creating your professional-grade whitening regimen and permanent veneers.

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Whiter teeth, brighter outlook!

Many products claim to whiten. But they either don’t contain the right ingredients or too little of the correct ingredients to make a noticeable difference. Plus, off-the-shelf products aren’t customized to your mouth. This results in uneven whitening, discomfort, or even tissue damage. When prescribed and used properly by the professionals at Sun Smile Dental Group, you end up with noticeably whiter teeth that look natural. And treatment doesn’t leave you with oral health-oriented problems that you didn’t have when you started! Options available at our practice (but not at the store) include:

  • Office whitening — Lighten by up to six shades in about an hour
  • Home whitening — You’re in the driver’s seat! Whiten up to four shades with trays fitted to your mouth. You control the pace and level of whitening from the comfort of your home.


The returns on your investment are even greater when you partner with our team. Sign up for our Whitening For Life Program to get a free supply of bleaching gel at every six-month checkup.

Veneers: Hide flaws, but not your smile!

Smile, Sun Smile Dental GroupEmbarrassment over the appearance of your teeth can alter how you smile. Every photo may feature a closed-mouth grin, and you may spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about and trying to hide your teeth. Don’t cover up your smile. Let veneers cover up your dental concerns! These thin, yet incredibly strong, layers of quality porcelain are designed to replace damaged enamel. The dentist will only order and bond permanent veneers to your teeth after a temporary is created that you love.

Once bonded, get ready to enjoy them for years to come!

  • Veneers have value – Through the years, materials have become more durable. Bonding agents are also more effective. If you think veneers are brittle, think again. They’re as resilient as they are stunning. It’s common for veneers to last 5, 10, even 20 years or longer!
  • Avoid more costs down the road – Some of the conditions veneers correct can lead to the need for more expensive restorative treatments. For example, even modest spacing issues trap food, and present challenges to proper brushing and flossing. Resulting decay may compromise the tooth, and require fillings at best, and tooth replacement at worst.


Your smile and its improvements are uniquely your own. Call (760) 744-1300 to schedule the appointment that leads to lasting, beautiful results.
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