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San Marcos, CA general dentist explains preventive and restorative approaches

Dentist Explains Preventive and Restorative Approaches

As a San Marcos, CA general dentist, Sun Smile Dental Group offers comprehensive services to meet the needs of patients across the age and oral health spectrum, but the quality of care is anything but ordinary.

Keeping Your Brilliant Smile

Professionals, technologies, and techniques come together to create an office you’ll want to return to. Digital X-rays add to a pleasant experience because they comfortable, and emit significantly less radiation than traditional machines.
Designed with comfort in mind, the lobby is more home-like than a sterile medical environment, complete with TV, refreshments, and a fish tank. A separate lounge allows family members to relax while they wait, and treatment rooms offer relaxing massage pads, music, and TV. The more you take dental education to heart, the less time you’ll spend in treatment.
Preventive procedures are oral health allies. Sealants and fluoride treatments may be recommended, starting at an early age, as the means of protecting teeth from decay.

Restoring a healthy smile

Precision Panorex X-rays and intra-oral cameras help your dentist clearly and accurately see potential problems, which means early intervention and the greatest chance of avoiding issues.
If you need restorative treatment, lasers offer a no-drill, no-scalpel method to gently address gum disease and get you back on the road to health. These gentle methods minimize bleeding and promote fast healing.
If dental fear has kept you from the dentist and the restorative treatment you need, safe sedative options ease even the most anxious patients.
Sun Smile Dental Group stands apart with other services, including:

  •         No-metal, Zirconium dental implants
  •         Onsite implant placement — No need to refer to a specialist!
  •         Whitening for Life Program
  •         TMJ relief
  •         Sleep apnea therapy


Your healthy, beautiful smile is on the horizon. With a wealth of payment options, these and other services are accessible.


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