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Professional teeth whitening that works for life in CA


Reveal a mega-watt smile, safely. Your teeth whitening professional in CA at Sun Smile Dental Group of San Marcos, CA offers treatments designed around you.


Whitening that works

Google “DIY teeth whitening” and you’ll get almost 700,000 results. Homemade concoctions accompany countless strips, mouthwashes, toothpastes, pens, and other products bought from your local store or online and applied at home.


The effective home and office whitening available at Sun Smile Dental Group works where countless other products can’t. To make a noticeable difference in the color of your teeth, a product breaks up large stain molecules. Many products that bleach teeth to whiten beyond their natural color contain carbamide peroxide, which yields the active ingredient hydrogen peroxide.


An option for every patient

The level of active ingredients is customized to your needs and goals. You don’t get that same control or tailored treatment with off-the-shelf products. Furthermore, many of these products do not contain the concentration needed to change natural tooth color. Toothpastes, for instance, contribute to your oral health and long-term maintenance of a white smile, but only help remove surface stains or prevent stain molecules from growing larger.


Is home or office whitening right for you? Both offer dramatic results:

  • Home whitening appeals to patients who like the convenience of treatment on their schedule
  • Office whitening is attractive because it can be completed in about an hour
  • Home whitening reveals gradual results of up to four shades lighter
  • A single office treatment produces about a six times whiter smile


Avoid potentially damaging “DIY” recipes that abrade teeth, or ineffective store-bought products. Call (760) 744-1300 to schedule an appointment. Ask about the Whitening for Life Program. You’ll sustain beautifully whiter results from chair-side or home whitening with periodic touch-ups, when the dentist replenishes your bleaching gel at every six-month checkup


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