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Whitening treatment in San Marcos, CA keeps your smile looking its best

Teeth whitening treatment in San Marcos, CA

If you’ve tried teeth whitening in the past and weren’t happy with the results, we’re glad you’re giving Sun Smile Dental a chance to prove this method of smile improvement works! The products you buy at the store are worlds apart from the professional treatments available at the dentist’s office. The type of ingredients used, and the concentration of those active ingredients, makes all the difference. Teeth whitening treatment in San Marcos, CA is also predictably successful and safe, due to the quality materials used and the exacting protocols to keep your mouth comfortable and healthy while you whiten.

While coffee is often cited as a major culprit behind stains, anything that stains your shirt or hands has the potential to stain your teeth! Blueberries, wine, tea, and carbonated beverages alter the color of the white enamel that protects your teeth, resulting in stains. Smoking and tobacco products can also take your smile from fabulous to drab, while posing additional health challenges such as impairing gum tissue cells’ function and an increased risk of developing oral cancers.

You don’t have to smoke or consume staining foods and drink to notice yellowing over time. Wear and tear from the act of chewing or breaking down food can degrade enamel, revealing the darker and yellow dentin layer underneath. Enamel erosion also puts you at increased risk of additional cosmetic and health problems, including cracks, chips, severe sensitivity, and cavities and tooth decay.

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Effects of habits and time, reversed!

Generally, you can get many shades whiter teeth at the dentist’s office or from the comfort of home via custom trays that deliver whitening gel. In Sun Smile Dental’s qualified hands, both options can get the results you desire without the discomfort and potential tissue damage associated with some store-bought products or even “do-it-yourself” concoctions that are abrasive. The choice is up to you. A single chairside treatment may be preferred for patients who have a big event coming up soon or who simply don’t want to wait to enjoy whiter teeth. Home whitening may be preferred if you desire more gradual results and have a timeframe that allows for slower treatment. When applied as directed, patients who opt for home trays still enjoy natural looking results in no time, but they notice those results over days and weeks with daily use of the customized whitening trays.

Sun Smile Dental Group offers both Polar and Whiter Image teeth whitening products for an improved smile on your schedule, at your leisure, and within your budget. These types of professional systems:

  • Contain powerful, high percentages of peroxide
  • Combined with mouth trays designed to fit your mouth, active formulas dissolve even deep stains quickly
  • Whiter Image, for example, uses a patented whitening gel that activates tiny bubbles, which penetrate the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies where deep stains tend to get trapped
  • Proper wear helps to eliminate the minimal risks of sensitivity associated with home whitening, and trays are non-irritating because they’re molded to precisely fit your mouth.

Dr. Robert Lin and the Sun Smile Dental team get your teeth up to six shades lighter

Your dentist can discuss risks of sensitivity associated with chairside whitening, which is caused by the light used to activate the whitening ingredients and accelerate the process. Even this sensitivity usually subsides within a few days after treatment. While many patients have enjoyed the smile- and confidence-boosting benefits of professional teeth whitening, like any procedure, there are considerations, including:

  • Oral health problems like gum disease and tooth decay must be resolved before treatment.
  • Depending on your goals for whitening, existing restorations may need to be replaced before treatment because veneers, bonding, and crowns don’t respond to bleaching.
  • Sun Smile Dental Group’s treatments can whiten very discolored teeth and lift deep stains; however, some types of intrinsic discoloration don’t respond well to bleaching. Your dentist will discuss other options for treatment, such as porcelain veneers or dental bonding.
  • In-office bleaching can achieve up to six shades whiter teeth, while home whitening lightens by up to four shades.
  • Whitening isn’t a permanent procedure. The dental team will share ways to keep your teeth brilliantly white, and how to prolong the dazzling results with the Whitening for Life Program.

New to whitening at Sun Smile Dental? Whitening for Life members get a free supply of whitening gel at every check-up. Don’t wait; contact the dental team to start the process today.


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