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San Marcos CA tooth implant procedure patients have a reason to smile

Tooth implant procedure San Marcos CA from Dr. Robert Lin

Dental implants have never been more popular. Missing a single tooth or many teeth? Implants designed to replace the tooth’s root offer the ultimate in form meets function. The tooth implant procedure in San Marcos CA at Sun Smile Dental Group stands out as pleasant, comfortable, and convenient, due to onsite capabilities and technologies.

All you need for tooth replacement in one place

Most dental practices depend on specialists to place implants. These dentists can only offer so much care before referring you to an oral surgeon to place the implant in the jawbone. As a Sun Smile Dental Group patient, there is no need to see a specialist at another office. Onsite professionals are experienced and trained in every aspect of the implant procedure, from placement to restoration. You’ve already got enough to keep you busy from day-to-day! The team you’ve come to know and trust makes it even easier to get a healthy, attractive smile as your single destination for all things implants.

Implants aren’t all the same

While titanium or metal implants are common, Sun Smile Dental Group uses implants made from the ceramic zirconium. Ceramics generally boast many cosmetic properties, but zirconium has distinct functional advantages:

  • Used in industrial cutting tools to auto and aviation industries, it possesses superior strength and hardness
  • The non-metal is friendly to living tissues
  • Resists corrosion
  • Suitable for patients with allergies to metals


Your trusted team in San Marcos also sets you up for long-term success with computer-assisted technologies for precise implant placement. Suffered from progressive bone loss? The dentist builds up this foundation for your new teeth with bone grafting or sinus augmentation. Plus, beautiful temporary partial or full dentures and restorations mean you never go without teeth! Dental implants are easier than you thought. Call (760) 744-1300 to discuss treatment.


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