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My experience at SunSmile is always friendly as well as excellent care. You guys make me feel like I am the most important patient!!

Children's Dentist San Marcos CA

Children Dentist San Marcos CA - Pediatric Dental Care Oral care begins even before the first teeth are visible in the smile. Patients of Sun Smile Dental in San Marcos, CA are encouraged to bring little ones for their first visits to a children’s dentist between the age of 2 and 2 ½. However, we can discuss ways to promote healthy teeth and gums well before this time. Because baby teeth hold space in the mouth for permanent teeth, it is necessary to keep them as healthy as possible. Also, thorough dental care can keep children from experiencing the pain and stress of conditions such as cavities or infection.
The team at Sun Smile Dental provides caring pediatric dentistry to children from San Marcos and beyond. Our goal in early dental care is to educate children and their parents about the habits that promote optimal oral health.
Dental checkups
As needed, based on each individual patient, dental checkups are performed to monitor the condition and growth of teeth. Early detection is optimal in treating tooth decay as it allows us to restore teeth in the most conservative manner. Most early dental visits focus on this examination and discussion about healthy habits. We may show children and parents how to brush and floss for optimal efficiency, as well.
Children do not have the motor skills for effective brushing and flossing until around the age of eight. Until this time, parents are encouraged to either directly assist their child or to monitor their work. Professional cleanings are important to growing teeth. Our hygienist uses gentle paste and rotary tools to remove plaque from enamel and give teeth a nice shine.
Preventive treatments
Children who are at a higher risk for cavities may receive additional protection through preventive treatments such as fluoride and sealants. Fluoride varnish is applied to the surface of teeth. When absorbed into enamel, this fortifying liquid can reduce the risk for tooth decay. Sealants are applied to molars at the back of the mouth. These teeth tend to have deep grooves on the chewing surface where debris and bacteria can accumulate. Sealants, which are clear plastic that can remain in place for several years, create a barrier that prevents this accumulation, thus reducing the risk of cavities on back teeth.
The experienced team at Sun Smile Dental understands how to welcome children into the world of dentistry in a fun, friendly way. Schedule your visit in our San Marcos office at (760) 744-1300 .

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