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Emergency Dentist in San Marcos CA

Dental emergency? Call Sun Smile Dental right away! Our dentist will see you within 2 hrs. of the call….
Dental emergency need Kid San MarcosThe staff in our San Marcos, CA office is here to help you when you need urgent dental care. When possible, we schedule you for a same-day visit.
Dental emergencies are typically quite rare, but they can happen to anyone. If you experience a broken tooth, lost restoration, or extreme toothache, you need to know what to do. Rather than treat pain at home, it is necessary to see your dentist, who can resolve pain by addressing the underlying issue.
Many people think that a dental emergency will involve some type of trauma or injury. While a tooth or restoration can be damaged by biting down on something hard, or while playing a favorite sport, urgent dental situations most often occur over time. With that in mind, we find it important to discuss prevention with our patients.
The most common dental emergencies
Tooth pain is the most common complaint made by patients calling for emergency care. By the time a severe toothache develops, it is likely that the innermost part of the tooth has become infected. Often, this begins with a small cavity. When the outer layer of enamel is compromised by bacteria, pain is usually sensitivity to hot, cold, or sugary substances. This is when dental care should be sought. When we treat tooth decay at this early stage, we may be able to restore the tooth with a simple filling or crown. When a cavity is not treated, pain will progressively become worse. In many cases, pain subsides and then recurs worse than before. At some point, the nerve becomes so irritated that pain intensifies, making it difficult to concentrate or enjoy life.
Another common instance that may lead to dental injury is physical activity. We encourage children, teens, and adults who engage in sports to visit us for a custom made mouth guard. Many teams supply this important piece of gear, but research shows that most off-the-shelf products lack the thickness to absorb shock appropriately. These same products are also shown to inhibit adequate oxygen uptake. Mouth guards that are made by a dentist have the necessary consistency from front to back to adequately protect the teeth and the jaw.
We can help you protect your teeth, gums, and jaw. If you are having an urgent dental problem now, call our office at (760) 744-1300 for prompt attention. We will restore your comfort as quickly as possible.

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