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General and Preventive Dentistry

Image of Smiling KidsProtect and enhance your smile with gentle dentistry in San Marcos, CA!
One of the primary goals in our general dentistry practice in San Marcos, CA is to help each patient enjoy optimal oral health throughout their lifetime. We serve patients from age 3 to 104 years
Common dental problems such as cavities and gum disease can be prevented. However, these conditions remain pandemic in our society. We realize it is not that our patients do not care about their state of oral health, but perhaps they have never been taught how to protect themselves from the effects of oral bacteria.
Oral health is indicative of general health and wellness. Research has demonstrated the devastating effect that poor oral health can have on the body. At Sun Smile Dental, our focus is on educating each patient about the causes of oral disease, the effects of oral disease, and the ways they can prevent disease and the discomfort that accompanies it.
The mouth is a welcoming environment to bacteria. It is dark, moist and a supply source for food.
Conditions like tooth decay and gum disease are caused by oral bacteria. These pathogens are harbored in plaque, a sticky substance that you cannot see. When plaque is not removed, teeth and gums eventually become weak and fragile due to acid. We educate our patients on preventive measures such as:
Image of Tooth Chart
  • Brushing twice a day, at least.
  • Flossing between each tooth every day.
  • Rinse with an antibacterial agent that is gentle to gum tissue.
  • Use an oral irrigator as needed to remove debris from between teeth. This is not a substitute for flossing.
  • Rinse the mouth after consuming sugary or acidic foods and beverages.
  • Maintain regular exams and cleanings.
  • Discuss the benefits of fluoride treatment with your dentist.
You can rely on the friendly, experienced staff at Sun Smile Dental to provide you with the education and professional care you need to enjoy a happy, healthy smile. With routine care, it is often possible to prevent unhealthy conditions and painful situations. If a problem does occur, we are here to provide you with the care you need to restore comfort and health.
Call our office at (760) 744-1300 to schedule preventive care.

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