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Dental Implants

This informative video shows how a dental implant becomes a life-long replacement for a missing tooth.

Dental Implants San Marcos CA

Dental Implants San Marcos CA - Image of Denatl Implant Enjoy full chewing ability and a natural look with dental implants in our San Marcos, CA office.
Replacing missing teeth is not only important to your smile, it is important to your health and sense of well-being. Tooth loss is viewed as an indicator of declining health. The founder of the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Charles Mayo, has said that people who lose their teeth tend to live shorter lives than those who keep their natural teeth.
The team at Sun Smile Dental offers care that provides the closest thing to natural teeth. Using dental implants, it is possible to recreate the structure you need to feel natural stability in chewing and speaking. Dental implant treatment is appropriate for single-tooth replacement, for the replacement of multiple teeth, and for the stabilization of dentures.
Benefits of dental implant treatment
Patients of Sun Smile Dental receive the full treatment from the same friendly team they know and trust. We are trained and experienced in the placement of dental implants, and often use computer technology to aid in the insertion of metal-free posts. Because several months of healing are necessary before we can place final restorations over implants, we create a nice-looking denture or partial to wear during this time. You will never be without teeth!
Dental Implants San Marcos CA - Image of Girl Eating an Apple Before dental implant technology, tooth replacement restored more appearance than functionality. A bridge can stabilize one or more artificial teeth, but that requires the modification of two healthy teeth to do so. Because dentures sit on top of the gums, only a fraction of the stability that once existed can be restored. Also, dentures and bridges do nothing to preserve bone tissue beneath the area of tooth loss; but dental implants help prevent bone loss.
Because a dental implant replaces the missing root, this method of treatment can restore natural form and function. Many people forget that they have dental implants because chewing and speaking feels like it always did. Stabilized in the bone, implants can last for life, as long as oral health is maintained. This makes treatment a cost-effective option. The placement of implants into bone recreates the natural structure through which chewing force is transferred to the bone. This transfer stimulates regeneration that decreases the rate of bone loss, maintaining facial support for many years.
At Sun Smile Dental, patients are treated by highly trained dental professionals. We can place single or multiple implants, and provide denture support and retrofitting of an existing denture. When necessary, bone grafting or sinus augmentation can be performed. Patient comfort is important to us, and we are happy to discuss how nitrous oxide can improve the treatment experience.
We are serious about restoring smiles. Schedule a consultation for tooth replacement at (760) 744-1300 .

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