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Shishir N. Shah - Dentist/Owner
Shishir N. Shah - Dentist/Owner Bio picture
Dr. Shishir N. Shah has been the owner of the practice for eleven years with 35 years of dental experience combined. He focuses on painless, comfortable, and soothing dentistry. He loves seeing happy smiles and working with families to improve their dental health and wellness. When not at the practice, he spends time with his his wife, Shefali, and children Shuchi and Eesha.
Dr. John Murphy - Dentist
Dr. John Murphy - Dentist Bio picture
Dr. Murphy has been with Sun Smile Dental Group for over seven years. His education background starts with the University of Missouri. He loves helping people and treating patients like family. He focuses on family dental care as well as cosmetic treatments. He is married to Kelly and has two boys, Danny and Dylan. When he's not in the practice, he's out on his bike and spending time with his family and dog, Lucky.
Kayla Greene - Receptionist
Kayla Greene - Receptionist Bio picture
Kayla has been in the practice for more than two years and loves seeing patients happy! She has a passion for her work and understands that prevention is key to a healthy smile. She grew up in the San Marcos area since she was five years old, and when she's not in the practice, she loves to work on her car. She never expected to be as close to her patients as she is.
Claritza Bustillos - Dental Assistant / Receptionist
Claritza Bustillos - Dental Assistant / Receptionist Bio picture
Claritza has been at Sun Smile Dental Group for more than two years and she enjoys educating patients on the truth of their mouths. She loves making patients smile and believes that healthy mouths = healthy minds. During her spare time, she enjoys drawing and hiking in the Escondido community where she has lived all her life.
Pegah Besmel - Dental Hygienist
Pegah Besmel - Dental Hygienist Bio picture
Pegah is a specialist in perio-laser treatment. She believes having a healthy smile equates to a healthy body, and her favorite aspect of her job is the ability to give health to her patients and promote healthy smiles. When she's not in the dental office, she is spending time with her husband Majid and her two children, Camella and Kiana. She loves to exercise, cook, and spend time with family and friends including her dog Izzy and her local church.