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Root Canal Therapy San Marcos CA

Save a natural tooth with root canal therapy at Sun Smile Dental in San Marcos, CA!
Root Canal Therapy San Marcos CA - Image of Crowns and Bridges chart Historically, infection or disease in the innermost part of a tooth would mean that tooth would require extraction. Root canal therapy has been developed to address the infection.
Root canal therapy may be suggested in San Marcos, CA for a number of reasons. When bacteria have invaded the tooth through an untreated cavity, the delicate tissue that lies around the nerve becomes irritated. In most cases, infection in the pulp chamber will cause significant pain. Another reason root canal therapy may become necessary is that a fracture in a tooth has caused irritation in the pulp tissue, or that an abscess has developed around the tooth. Whatever the reason for root canal treatment, we explain to our patients what they can expect and why this treatment will help them.
What to expect
Root canal therapy is performed by an experienced endodontist in our San Marcos office. The procedure is performed with a gentle touch and local anesthetic to numb the area. Patients who feel anxious about their treatment are welcomed to speak with us about how nitrous oxide sedation can ease their fears and help them relax during care.
Once the tooth is numb, access to the root area will be made with rotary or laser instruments. The tissue that is in the canal will be removed and the empty space will be sterilized before it is closed with inert material. Because the pulp supplies the tooth with blood, the tooth will become slightly brittle after treatment. To restore optimal strength and structure, a durable crown will be made. Because the final restoration takes a couple of weeks to make, a temporary will be affixed to the tooth for the interim.
Patients of Sun Smile Dental can feel confident knowing that their comfort is our priority. Most of our patients experience little, if any, post-treatment soreness. That’s how gentle we are!
There is no guarantee that the need for root canal therapy can be completely avoided. However, excellent oral care goes a long way in preserving teeth and preventing decay and infection. We are here to help you develop a hygiene regimen that will meet your needs for long-term oral health. Call (760) 744-1300 to schedule your visit with us.

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