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Teeth Whitening San Marcos CA

Brighter teeth can boost your smile, or completely rejuvenate it. You are probably aware of the large variety of whitening products available to you. When choosing which form of whitening is right for you, it is important to consider quality. Clearly, you have a desired outcome in mind when you set out to remove set in stains from enamel. It makes sense to invest in the treatment that is going to provide that outcome. You can find this at Sun Smile Dental in San Marcos, CA.
Image of Smilling Woman Teeth whitening may be performed either in our office or in your home. The choice depends on your personal preference and time line. Patients with very busy schedules may not have the time, or the inclination, to wear whitening trays on a daily basis. If you want an immediate smile makeover for a special event, important meeting, or just because you don’t want to wait, our in-office treatment is ideal for you.
Whitening in the dental office means you just leave the work to us. After covering lips and gums, we apply a professional grade bleach solution to your teeth. This gel is activated with light, which maximizes its action in the pores of enamel. Activated gel will enter pores and break down the stains that have accumulated there. At the end of your treatment, your smile will be several shades lighter. It is important to note that some people who have in-office treatment experience sensitivity for a few days after their visit. This may not be the case with home whitening.
At-home whitening treatment consists of daily application of whitening gel. The concentration of active ingredients in our gel solution surpasses what is available commercially, which is why this method is preferred if you want to see a noticeable change in your smile. Because bleach is placed in the custom-fit trays we make, there is little risk of gum irritation. Also, because ingredients are not activated by an outside source, most patients can complete their course of treatment with little to no sensitivity.
Enjoy a bright smile for life!
Image of Happy Patient Sun Smile Dental offers a Whitening for Life program that helps you maintain your brightest smile. When you enroll in this program and undergo your initial teeth whitening treatment, we will supply you with additional whitening gel for free at each of your six-month recall visits.
Get the bright smile that reflects your inner vibrancy. Call Sun Smile Dental to schedule your teeth whitening treatment.

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