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Modern Dentistry San Marcos CA

At Sun Smile Dental, we rely on the latest technology and modern dentistry equipment to help us meet your family's ever-changing dental needs. Our goal in the skilled use of innovative instruments and techniques is to deliver conservative care in the most comfortable manner for San Marcos, CA area patients.

Technology we use includes:

Intra-oral Cameras
The small camera helps us observe the surfaces of your teeth with magnification, and to show you exactly what we see. The data gathered with this form of imaging complements the digital and panoramic x-rays taken in our office.

Digital Computer X-rays
Young Woman Having Panoramic Digital X-ray Of Her TeethDigital x-rays are beneficial in many ways. First, they are quick and convenient for our patients. The radiation that is emitted from a digital x-ray machine is significantly lower, and thus safer, than traditional equipment. The images we obtain are transferred directly to the patient's digital record, and to our treatment-room monitor, where we can discuss what is revealed in x-rays.

Panorex X-rays
Panorex X-rays differ from standard digital x-rays in the view they can obtain. Not only can we see the teeth, but also the full extent of the upper and lower jaw, including the sinuses and the temporomandibular (TMJ) joints. Panorex x-rays give us the greatest chance at identifying critical clinical data such as hidden teeth, cysts, and other conditions.

hand with dental laser system Laser technology is crucial to our standard of care. We use lasers in the treatment of gum disease as well as for gum contouring and other soft tissue procedures. This technology promotes comfort during treatment and faster healing afterward.

Our DioDent diode laser may be used for biopsies, gingivectomies, and other soft tissue procedures.

Oral Cancer Screening
We are doing our part to minimize the statistics of oral cancer. Research has demonstrated that early detection and treatment can significantly improve prognosis. Our staff performs oral cancer screenings at general check-up appointments using the latest technologies developed for early detection.

Sedation Dentistry
Male dentist examines mouth of woman on the dentist's chair Dental anxiety is something that we understand, and we want to help our patients overcome their fears. While we believe that personal attention and clear communication complement conservative care, we also want to make dentistry a more positive experience. Sedation enables our patients to relax without fear or anxiety, and receive the care they need to enjoy optimal oral health. Learn about your options for sedation during your consultation.

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