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Welcome to Dentist San Marcos CA, Sun Smile Dental

San Marcos CA Dr. Robert Lin Dental OfficeIf you are looking for a positive, soothing dental home in San Marcos, CA, you have found it. Dr. Robert Lin, our dentist, and the entire team have been serving families in our community and surrounding areas with exemplary patient care since 2005. From the day we opened our doors, our focus has remained on our patients.
There is something very nice about visiting a dental practice that can handle all of your dental needs in one place. However, Sun Smile Dental offers more than an extensive menu of services. Our team believes in excellence and integrity, compassion and empathy. When you choose us as your dental home, you choose the utmost in collaboration.
Education is one of the most significant cornerstones of our practice. The more you know about your oral health, the more capable you are of protecting it for life. During your visits, you can expect to receive the information you need to make the most confident decision about dental care. Because dentistry has evolved so much over the last few decades, most dental concerns can be addressed in a number of ways. We take the stress out of choosing by explaining what is possible with each option, and then letting you decide which is most appropriate for your needs and your budget.
We want you to feel right at home
In addition to extensive services performed with gentleness, we create a positive, comfortable environment for our patients.
  • The reception area of our practice feels more like a cozy living room than a dental office. With a refreshment area, television, and a relaxing fish tank, patients are welcomed to relax during their short wait.
  • The treatment rooms at Sun Smile Dental have inviting names rather than numbers, setting the tone for the outstanding care you will receive.
  • During treatment, you may choose to ease tension by sitting back on a massage pad while you listen to music or watch a movie.
  • Sometimes it is necessary for a family member to accompany a patient for dental treatment. Anyone who may be waiting longer than a few minutes is invited to sit back and read or watch television in our Family Lounge area, a separate and cozy room reserved for comfortable sitting.
The team at Sun Smile Dental welcomes you. If you have questions about our services, or have an urgent dental need, contact us at (760) 993-3185 .
Our Patient Testimonials
Review Dr. Robert Lin - Patient Review Chad J.
$240 for two fillings is not high even by Des Moines, IA standards. I should know, I'm a dentist in Iowa, and that is quite competitive for midwest, let alone the coast. Remember people: dentists cannot sit and bicker online about every claim, let alone if you are a patient, due to ethics and HIPAA.
Google Reviews
Sun Smile Dental Group
Review Dr. Robert Lin - Patient Review Heather W.
Was surprised that the practice changed hands but after meeting Dr. Robert and getting some treatment done by him I can rest assured that my family is in goood hands. He was gentle fast and very nice. The real test will be when I bring my daughter later, she is the pickiest person I know. I’m sure she will love him too.
Google Reviews
Sun Smile Dental Group
Review Dr. Robert Lin - Patient Review Sarah S.
Finally, a positive dental experience! For years my family and I had been going to another local dentist in Vista that always seemed to try and screw us over - they told my sister she needed a root canal (after a second opinion, she certainly did not) among other recommendations for countless unnecessary services...
Sun Smile Dental Group